Pregnancy Support

I am especially passionate about helping the pregnant mother. This is a beautiful time for the whole family but more so for the mother. The mother goes through many physiological and psychological changes. But as we all know all things beautiful comes with some dis-ease and discomforts. It is not advisable to take medications during pregnancy to ease your dis-ease and discomforts.
You can use aromatherapy to ease some of those dis-ease and discomforts safely and effectively. Aromatherapy works wonderfully as a complementary therapy. But it very important to consult with a certified professional before using any products with essential oils even if it is all natural during pregnancy. This is applicable whether it is skin care, hair care, oral or topical medications. There are many essential oils that are contraindicated for pregnancy, purity of the oils matter, source, synthetic chemicals, distillation process, storage, and shelf life.
All our essential oils are GC/MS tested. So we know the source, chemical components in the essential oils, distillation process, shelf life, and purity of the oil.
I would like to help you get through this time by lessening some of your dis-ease and discomforts. Each trimester comes with its own set of discomforts. I will work with you and formulate a custom blend that is specific to your individual needs and concerns. I will help you understand how the product will help and support your wellness goals and how to use it safely and effectively.