wedding scent scaping

Embody your love story: Scents TAILORED JUST FOR YOU

Envision your wedding moments with warm exotic captivating scents that embodies your love story. Every corner of your venue is meticulously curated with scents that evoke cherished memories and elevate the energy and vibrations of you and your guests, setting a tone of anticipation for the future.



Transform your wedding into an enchanted fairytale

As you walk down the aisle, a subtle yet captivating fragrance envelops you, creating a fragrance experience unlike any other. Picture yourself walking down the aisle, each step taking you deeper into a fairytale. The air is infused with the enchanting and luxurious scents of creamy, sensual Sandalwood mixed with the sweet notes of Turkish Roses, weaving a magical atmosphere that captivates every guest and enhances the romance of your special day.

Your Personal Wedding Scent: an ambience handcrafted just for you

From exchange of vows to the first dance, and every moment in between let scent scaping weave it's magic
Whether you are drawn to the exotic aromas of a Bali vacation, the allure of romantic evenings with sweet sensual Pink Champaca, or the warm depths of exotic rare Agarwood, we can tailor a fragrance specifically for your wedding scent scaping needs.
Using any palette of luxurious and rare essences, we can craft a bespoke scent that elevates the energy, ambience and vibrations for you and your guests, making every moment unforgettable.

Wedding Scent Scaping



Your personal love notes in the air

Setting The Tone For Romance

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Wedding Favor Perfumes, Bridesmaids Gifts!

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Wedding Favor Perfumes, Bridesmaids Gifts!

Wedding scent scaping


BRIDAL shower SCent scaping

Our Service Overview

Scent Scaping, Wedding Favors and Bridesmaid Perfumes Gifts

Scent Scaping: Transform your events with the essence of nature. Our meticulously handcrafted scent scaping perfumes, invite you to indulge in your fantasies. Scents hand-blended & personalized to elevate the energy vibrations of all your guests, creating an unforgettable and invigorating olfactory experience that delights everyone. We are dedicated to bringing your dream wedding to life. We can provide scent scaping for various events, including your engagement, bridal shower, and wedding.

Wedding Favors, Bridesmaid gifts: These are perfumes created exclusively according to your scent preferences and personalized as wedding favors, allowing your guests to take a part of your special day home with them.

General process overview

A tailored scent ambience for a wedding, is known as "wedding scent scaping." To give you an idea, here is a general overview of the key aspects of my wedding scent scaping service. Please note, this does not include all the steps involved:

1. Requirements base lined for the perfume: baseline any scent preferences, notes.
2. Research & Inspiration: Gather inspiration from the wedding environment, considering themes, emotions, colors, and desired emotions. 
3. Selection of Scents: Choose essential oils and fragrances that align with the desired ambience and evoke the desired emotions. 
4. Research, Source and buy ingredients: This is a very involved and time consuming process to research, source and buy the ingredients for test blend creation.
5. Test Blend Creation: Experiment with various combinations of scents to create a balanced and harmonious fragrance profile. 
6. Testing: Test the fragrance blends in small quantities to ensure they create the desired ambience and are well-received. 
7. Feedback and Revision: Gather feedback from the client and make any necessary adjustments to the fragrance blend. 
8. Finalization: Finalize the scent scaping perfume fragrance based on client approval. 
9. Production: Prepare the required quantity of the perfume blend for the wedding environment.
Price for the service is available upon request.