Rediscover the Ancient Art of Perfumery

Our perfumes are not merely fragrances; they are a bridge to the past. Composed with natural ingredients - resins, oils, botanicals and hand blended using methods preserved through generations. Our exclusive perfumes are designed to unfold on your skin, in a symphony of layers, revealing subtle notes, and hidden whispers of ancient times. Each perfume is produced in limited quantities using time-honored techniques to ensure the intimate experience of wearing our perfumes remains unique and personal.

Scent Scaping

Enchant your wedding day with signature scents. Transform each moment into a lasting memory. Let the whispers of custom-blended aromas guide you through special day, from the first magical walk down the aisle to the final, joyous dance. Let us craft a unique olfactory backdrop, that resonates with your love story, leaving an unforgettable impression on you and your guests.

Shop Wellness Perfume Collection

Featuring CERTIFIED ORGANIC lotion, in-house MACERATED OIL & THERAPEUTIC grade essential oils sourced from eco-conscious farmers & wildcrafters. Gentle perfumes suitable for delicate skin | delicate nose.

Shop Limited Edition Eau de Parfum Collection

Indulge in our luxurious ONE-OF-A-KIND perfumes infused with our Artisanal IN-HOUSE TINCTURES & select RARE essences, immersing you in a classic realm of opulence & timeless elegance.

Celebrating Artisanal Craftsmanship

Artisanal methods are more than techniques; they represent deeply cherished art forms preserved and refined across generations. The caring human touch and creativity infused into these methods set them apart from the uniformity of mass production. Employing time-honored and time-consuming techniques such as maceration, tincturing, and enfleurage, we ensure that each product showcases the pinnacle of craftsmanship. With each piece you are not just buying a perfume; you are inheriting a piece of artistry that tells it's own rich story.

Our Brand Values: Why they matter to you

  • Clean Perfumes

    Experience nature with our Perfumes - free of harmful chemicals, phthalates, synthetic oils, phosphates, & synthetic aroma chemicals. We invite you to indulge in the natural essence of our perfumes, crafted with mindfulness and care for a truly serene experience.

  • True Colors

    Experience the authenticity of scent with no artificial dyes or alterations. Unlike mainstream perfumers who change/strip the color of the perfumes with additives, our perfumes are crafted using the ancient artistry of perfumery, ensuring they maintain their natural hue.

  • Natural Scents

    Embrace the dynamic symphony of nature's influence in every scent. Unlike aroma chemical perfumes, our perfume scents might vary based on the natural essence scent that is shaped by various factors including climate, soil, altitude & water conditions.

Enhance Your Mindfulness Practices

Embrace the art of mindfulness with the subtle power of natural perfumes. Handcrafted with earth-derived ingredients, our natural perfumes are more than just fragrances - they are tools for deeper awareness and presence. Each scent offering a direct connection to earth's calming and restorative powers. Apply a small amount before yoga, meditation or breathing exercise to anchor your focus and deepen your relaxation.

Eco-conscious Luxury: Rare essences

Immerse yourself in eco-consciousness with our artisanal approach to perfume crafting. Through small batch processing and eco-conscious practices like naked-packaging, we minimize waste and environmental impacts. Our commitment extends to using rare, & cruelty-free essences allowing you to indulge in guilt free luxury.