About Us



In 2019, my profound interest in aromatherapy sparked a deep passion within me. Initially working as an aromatherapist within a medical setting, my primary objective was straightforward: to enhance people's well-being. Yet, it was my foray into the world of perfumery that truly revealed my authentic zeal.

I specialize in crafting distinctive fragrances that defy conventional trends. My focus lies in producing enchanting and exclusive perfumes in limited quantities. Embracing the uniqueness of handcrafted and hand-bottled perfumes allows me to maintain a delicate balance between extracting and utilizing rare essences. By minimizing wastage through the creation of small batches, I ensure the preservation of precious resources, thus promoting sustainability in the process.I support the concept of naked packaging, hence opting not to encase my perfumes in boxes, a deliberate choice I have made.

My inspiration stems from Mother Nature herself and her subtle cues. My aim is to illuminate her magnificence and facilitate a re-connection with the wonders of the natural world. Through fragrances like Forest Walk, drawing inspiration from the practice of forest bathing and the enlightening Netflix documentary "Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees" by environmental advocate Diana Kroeger, I aspire to imbue each bottle with this shared passion for nature.

My Mission

In a world that is constantly changing, it is crucial to rekindle our bond with nature through advocating for education, raising awareness, and striving for equilibrium. By endorsing efforts such as reforestation to safeguard both human and wildlife habitats, we can work towards securing a sustainable future for both humanity and the environment.

Anita S. Certified Perfumer & Aromatherapist